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How to use video captions on Twitter

Learn how to switch on automated captions or create captions on Twitter and where to get help with its accessibility features

Switch on automated captions

In June 2022 Twitter launched automated captions for videos with captions available. Use the CC button to switch captions on or off.

We’re aware that this new feature is still not working for some users. Let us know your experience on Twitter.

Create captions

  1. Select a video from your media studio library
  2. Select the ‘Subtitles’ tab in the pop-up window
  3. Select the text language of your subtitle file from the dropdown menu
  4. Select the ‘Upload’ button and select the .SRT file from your local computer
  5. The file is now associated with your video. To update the file, select the pencil icon. 

Help with accessibility features

How to use video captions on other social media platforms





Page last updated: 26 August 2022

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