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2023 Hearing Therapeutics Summit

Connecting academia and industry to accelerate hearing therapeutics

2 September 2023

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Welcome to the 2023 Hearing Therapeutics Summit, a satellite event of the 58th Inner Ear Biology Meeting organised by RNID, UCL Ear Institute and UCLH NIHR BRC.

One in five adults in the UK have hearing loss and by 2035 it is estimated that there will be around 14.2 million adults in the UK alone living with hearing loss. Hearing loss has a significant impact on someone’s quality of life and is the largest modifiable risk factor for dementia. In recent years we have witnessed growing interest in developing therapeutics to meet this unmet clinical need, but many have failed in clinical trials.

This summit is a timely opportunity to reflect on what we have learned and discuss the challenges we face in developing treatments. Key to future success will be collaborative working between academia and industry, so we are delighted to be able to run this summit ahead of the Inner Ear Biology Workshop, helping to bring the research community together around the development of inner ear therapeutics.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to learn and connect.

The Summit organising committee

Read more about our organising committee by clicking on their images below.

Dr Ralph Holme, RNID
Dr Catherine Perrodin, RNID
Prof Anne Schilder, NIHR UCHL Biomedical Research Centre Hearing Health Theme
Prof Jonathan Gale, UCL Ear Institute

The RNID Hearing Therapeutics Initiative Network

The RNID Hearing Therapeutics Initiative accelerates the global development of new treatments and therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing loss and tinnitus.

The HTI Network

We create partnerships across the global hearing research ecosystem – from hearing researchers and clinicians, and funders and investors, to those working in biotech, pharma and hearing device companies.
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Satellite event of the 58th Inner Ear Biology Meeting