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2023 Hearing Therapeutics Summit

Talk: Dr Catherine Perrodin

The Hearing Therapeutics Initiative

Catherine Perrodin, RNID

One of RNID’s goals is to facilitate the creation of knowledge that will lead to new treatments to protect and restore hearing, and silence tinnitus. In addition to directly funding basic and translational research internationally, RNID also provides “non-monetary” support to the hearing research community to help speed up the development of new treatments and ensure promising discoveries reach people.

Our Hearing Therapeutics Initiative and its associated Network aims to link up, catalyse and support the global hearing research community – it is open to all scientists, clinicians, investors and funders from academia or industry who work on, or are interested in, the development of treatments for hearing disorders. We have already helped out dozens of research and development projects by connecting innovators with the insight and collaborators they need to take their work forward.

Every other month, we also send our Network members a curated newsletter with updates on clinical trials, industry news, funding opportunities and events. We’d like to encourage all attendees to join the Hearing Therapeutics Initiative Network, and unlock a new level of community and support, to ensure safe and effective treatments become available to all who need and want them.

About Dr Catherine Perrodin

Senior Therapeutics Manager, RNID, UK

Dr Catherine Perrodin leads RNID’s hearing therapeutics development programme, with a goal of bringing new treatments to patients, faster. She heads the Hearing Therapeutics Initiative, an externally-facing service advising innovators from academia and industry worldwide on translational development, identifying funding/investment opportunities, and brokering bespoke introductions to expert partners.

Catherine also manages RNID’s Translational Grants scheme, a research funding programme aimed at de-risking preclinical drug development projects for hearing loss and tinnitus at academic institutions and SMEs worldwide. Catherine is a biomedical engineer and auditory neuroscientist with 15 years of experience in auditory neuroscience research.

Prior to joining RNID in 2021, Catherine was a Wellcome Fellow at University College London (UK), where she established and led a research programme on the perception and neural coding of sound sequences for vocal communication in mice. She holds a BSc and MSC from EPFL (Switzerland). Catherine was awarded her PhD in Natural Sciences from the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen (Germany), following doctoral research in systems neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics.

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