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Our plan for 2023

Our plan for 2023

This is our action plan for the year ahead – what we want to achieve by spring 2024.

From lobbying to make hearing checks standard on the NHS, to improving access to employment for BSL users, we’re working with our communities to improve life for people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

Winter 2022/23

RNID Near You

Throughout the year, we’ll be building our network of RNID Near You venues, increasing our face-to-face presence and support services in communities from Cornwall to Shetland.

NHS hearing checks

We’re pushing the Government to make hearing checks a standard part of NHS health checks in England by highlighting the link between dementia and hearing loss.

Developing future research leaders

We will award new PhD studentships to bring the best students into UK hearing research. This is the first step towards developing future hearing research leaders who will work towards better treatments. 

Spring 2023

Better Data

The UK Government has missing data about our communities, which impacts the support they receive. We’re campaigning for Better Data, to hold the government to account by ensuring they gather, hold and report relevant, accurate data. 

Access to Health

The Accessible Information Standard is due to be updated. We want to see the creation of AIS packs, aimed at our communities and healthcare providers, to explain their rights and responsibilities relating to equal access to health services.

Volunteering with RNID

Volunteers are a vital part of delivering RNID services. This spring we’re launching a volunteering recruitment campaign to go even bigger, even bolder with our ambition.

Summer 2023

The first Hearing Therapeutics Initiative summit

We will hold the very first Hearing Therapeutics Initiative (HTI) summit, bringing together the hearing research community to share their knowledge and insight, and to form connections to tackle the challenges involved in developing new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus. The HTI speeds up the development of new treatments by building partnerships across the hearing research network, and by providing advice and support to researchers working to develop treatments. 

Autumn 2023

Supporting families talking about hearing loss

We’ll collaborate with professionals that specialise in family relationships to create guidance on how people can talk about hearing loss with their loved ones. We will support family journeys in checking their hearing and accessing the follow-up support they might need.

Winter 2023/4

Communicating with our communities

We’ll develop a user research panel to ensure the voice of our communities is at the forefront of all that we do. We’ll also use our learnings from the Public Attitudes Survey to shape the course and demands of our 2024 public attitudes campaign.

Technology information review

We will be updating our online technology information to make it as useful as possible for people with hearing loss and tinnitus, and consult members of the Research Panel – who have lived experience – for their views.

Public Attitudes Survey

We’re launching a survey to understand the nation’s attitudes towards people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. The results will show us what societal barriers are faced by our communities.

Improving the audiology pathway

We’ll publish a new report in support of our wax removal campaign to include data from our Freedom of Information Act requests, to commissioners on the current provision of wax removal services in primary care and community settings in England. New influencing activities will begin with the report’s publication.

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Page last updated: 8 March 2024

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