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The Disability Confident scheme

Disability Confident is a government scheme that supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace.

When your organisation signs up to become ‘Disability Confident Committed’, the scheme will provide advice and guidance to help you think differently about disability, and improve how you attract, recruit and retain disabled workers. The Disability Confident scheme replaced the previous Two Ticks scheme.

Not only does signing up to the Disability Confident scheme help you to think about how you might make your workplace more accessible, it also demonstrates to your staff that you are committed to equality in the workplace, which is a good way to encourage employees to talk about disabilities that are often non-visible, including hearing loss. 

The scheme also aims to help you:

  • draw from the widest possible pool of talent 
  • secure high-quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard-working
  • improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly.

As well as visiting the Disability Confident website, you can find out more about the scheme by contacting your local Jobcentre. The Jobcentre can support you in your application for Disability Confident and advise you on the steps you can take as an employer to qualify.

Page last updated: 21 December 2022

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