Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Fundraise at school

Children in fancy dress with donation buckets, and teachers and adults in the background.

Fundraising for RNID at school supports people who are deaf, have hearing loss and tinnitus, and raises awareness of the challenges they face. It can also help pupils and staff be more deaf aware.

Some fundraising event ideas

Non-Uniform day

Hold a non-uniform day and ask everyone who takes part to donate a pound. Or why not make it more of a challenge? Pick a theme, like lab researchers, or ask everyone to wear green in support of RNID.


A popular event idea for younger children! Get pupils to bring in their scooters and take laps around the playground. Use one of our sponsorship forms to help them collect donations from friends and family.

Talent show

Hold a talent show and get your pupils to showcase their skills! Ask their parents to attend the show and make a donation or charge an entry fee.​

Sponsored silence

Get your pupils to take part in a sponsored silence – for however long they can last. Extra points if they use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate!

Prepare for your event

Need help setting up your event? Wanting to help pupils get sponsored? Find our advice and top tips for making your event a success below.

Get your fundraising materials

From RNID bunting to finger spelling sheets, our downloadable fundraising materials can help make your school fundraising events the best they can be.
Get your fundraising materials

‘’Everyone really enjoyed learning about the breadth of services that RNID offers. We were even able to pick up some British Sign Language! We enjoyed it so much that we are setting up a BSL club at school, so pupils and staff can build on what we learned. Children have been learning to spell out their names and simple phrases such as, “good morning”.” 

– Prebendal School, Chichester

Other ways to get involved at school

Ask the team

Tell us about your great fundraising idea, or ask us a question! We’re here to help. You can email us at community.fundraising@developer.rnid.org.uk or ask for the fundraising team via Contact RNID below.
Contact Us

Other ways to support RNID

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