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Tribute to Dr Christian Füllgrabe  

RNID, and especially those of us in the Research team, are extremely saddened to hear of the death of Dr Christian Füllgrabe. 

Dr Ralph Holme, Director of Research and Insight at RNID, says:

“Dr Füllgrabe was an enthusiastic and insightful member of RNID’s Future Leaders grant review panel. He played a significant role in helping us select PhD studentships and Fellowships to invest in hearing researchers of the future. 

Christian was a leading researcher in the field of psychoacoustics (the study of sound perception and audiology – how we hear and interpret sounds). He focused on the effect of ageing on hearing; his work contributed to our understanding of age-related hearing loss and how cognitive abilities impact on hearing.  

Christian was an essential member of the hearing research community and impacted the lives of many young researchers. The legacy that he leaves behind will play an important part in future research which will benefit deaf people and people with hearing loss for years to come.  

He will be sorely missed by RNID, our grant holders and the wider hearing research community. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.” 

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