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Running for RNID: the London Marathon 2023

A picture of a woman wearing an RNID running vest and smiling at the camera with her thumbs up.

Our very own Lucy Devine, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications, ran her first ever London Marathon this year. She tells us what inspired her to support RNID.

Before the race

“I have never run a marathon before in my life – running the 2023 London Marathon for the brilliant RNID was a completely new challenge for me.

I’m not your typical ‘sporty’ type, but I took on the marathon as a something new to motivate me and – at 43, with a young family and busy job – to do something that pushes me in a different way and is all mine. Training for the marathon was a real rollercoaster: incredibly satisfying at times, getting me out in the fresh air and exploring parts of my local area I had no idea even existed. But at other times it was really tough, and knowing that I did it to raise money for RNID really helped get me out the front door and take those first steps into the cold and rain some mornings!

What inspired me

“Like most of us, I have close family members who have hearing loss – including my 70-year-old dad and my young nephew. 12 million people are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus in the UK, but it simply doesn’t get the attention it deserves. RNID fights the discrimination that still exists around being deaf or having hearing loss and is are funding amazing research that is just years away from reversing some types of hearing loss for those that want it.

That’s amazing, life-changing work. I was proud to wear my RNID vest on race day and – as well as show my four year old what mummy can do when she puts her mind to it – raise awareness and funds for this vital charity.

The race

“I barely slept the night before the race! I was so nervous – but the second I crossed that start line I had a grin on my face that never left for the whole 26.2 miles. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant – people were cheering my name and cheering for RNID as I went round, including groups of people who were ‘getting into the marathon spirit’ outside the docklands pubs and some fabulous drag queens on stage by the river, who gave RNID a special shout out. Every underpass was full of drumming bands and you couldn’t move for people offering you jelly babies and orange segments.

Seeing RNID cheer points – as well as my family and friends who came out to support me – gave me exactly the lift I needed when things got a bit tough. I felt super-emotional crossing the finish line and am so proud of what I achieved – both for myself, but also for knowing that the funds I’ve raised are going to make such a difference for people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.”

A picture of the woman with her brother, both holding medals and posing for the camera.

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