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Attending the 2023 meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology

Dr Ralph Holme, our Director of Research and Insight, and Dr Catherine Perrodin, our Translational Research Manager, are on their way to Orlando, Florida, to represent RNID at the 2023 MidWinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology.

The Association was founded in 1973, with a mission to encourage and promote hearing research to make fundamental discoveries and develop ground-breaking treatments that improve people’s quality of life.  

Through our research programme, we work to speed up the development of treatments that can prevent hearing loss, restore or improve hearing, and silence tinnitus. We fund research around the world towards this aim and  bring together the wider community of people working to develop treatments to encourage collaboration and make it easier to get new treatments into the clinic where they’re needed.  

We’re attending the ARO meeting so that we can promote our work to the hearing and tinnitus research community. We hope to meet some of the scientists we’re funding, and tell researchers about how we can help them through our funding schemes and our Hearing Therapeutics Initiative. We’ll also find out about the latest scientific discoveries in the hearing and tinnitus research fields and hope to build stronger links with the wider research community.  

Some of our researchers

There will be over 1800 researchers at the 5-day conference, including many scientists that we’ve supported who will be sharing their latest findings. RNID-funded researchers include: 

As you can imagine, Ralph and Catherine are looking forward to a busy trip. We’ll share an update next week, alongside some fresh science news, and pictures – stay tuned!

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